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Fastest Notion task manager

Hypersonic lets you manage your company tasks on Notion at the speed of light.

Boost your productivity



Blazingly fast

Create to-do’s at the speed of light. Press a command and write. It’s that simple.

Synced with Notion

Everything you create is stored in a Notion database you can extend and customize.

Minimal design

You just need one input for filtering your to-do’s or creating new ones.


Shortcut first

Hypersonic is built on top of Raycast, so you can unleash all the power of built-in shortcuts.

Elevate your focus


Plan & Schedule

Assign due dates to your tasks and keep track of your milestones.


Advanced filters

Filter by user, project or label to create your own focused view.


Assign tasks

Assign tasks to team members withouth loosing your focus.



Add Projects and Labels to your tasks for additional context.

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